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Please note: We do not offer advice on completing the Rental Application, Credit or Background checks.  These services are outsourced and a 1-800 number is provided for any assistance.

Please email scanned documents to (no fax)

Currently, we do not process Credit Cards online.  At the time in which you complete the online application, please mail a check or money order for the application fee ($30- for each adult) to:


Ponderosa Property Management
P.O. Box 251

Plains, MT 59859

 Scroll to the bottom of this page for answers to common application questions.


Thank you for your interest in our Rentals.   We look forward to assisting you with your housing needs.


​  Showing Information:

 Before scheduling a showing, please verify you will be able to meet our application requirements:

    - verifiable good credit with a minimum score of 600+

    - at least 3 years of verifiable good rental or mortgage history (living with parents, renting from relatives does not qualify-must be a true Landlord/Tenant agreement)

    - NO felony criminal history

    - income at least 3 times the rental amount

    - pre-approval of pet/s


 Please click the link at the top of this page for a complete application.


Management does not hold properties for potential tenants during the application process, information must be complete and documents provided with each application.  Applicants are not considered on a first come, first served basis.  Preference is given to applicants who best fit particular property owner's needs, as well as demonstrates amoung other things: good rental and /or mortgage history, good credit history and income at least 3 times the monthly rental amount. In some instances, a co-signor will be necessary for application approval- Management alone will determine if this is necessary, after a completed application is first received from the potential tenant.


Each individual over the age of 18 will need to complete a separate application and pay the fee of $30.00 (non-refundable).

For your application to be considered, please complete each line, give current contact information for all references, and include all of the requested documents (listed on the last page) with your application. 


Management cannot make any predictions on your application approval. A completed application with all supporting documents and fees, is the first step in securing a rental.


Management also cannot guarantee that the rental you are interested in will be available by the time your application is processed. Units are rented to the first approved applicant with the full security deposit paid. (a deposit will not be accepted until an application is first approved).  


Unless otherwise agreed, rentals cannot be held for any reason- if your application is approved, and your move in date is not immediate- a security deposit and first month’s rent will be due in advance, and utilities must be switched over. 


We look forward to hearing from you!


Common Questions:


Q: I do not meet some of the requirements, do I need a co-signor?

A: Our office will first need the application completed to the best of your ability - once it is received, we will review it and contact you about any additional information needs which includes, (if applicable) the necessity, requirements and addition fees for a co-signor.


Q: I do not feel like I can meet the requirements requested in the application, are there any exceptions that can be made for me?

A: We rely upon the recommendations set forth from our outsourced credit and background screening company, as well as previous rental and/or mortgage information, and lastly, income.  We can make no predictions on an application.  The first step is always, a completed application.  We can make no refunds of application fees as these are costs which are incurred by us to complete the credit & background checks.  If you feel strongly that there will be problems with your application, we suggest that you address those problems, gain good rental history and return when you feel confident there are no problems.  


Q: How do I pay the application fee if I scan and email the application?

A: We do not process credit cards online.  If a check or money order is mailed on the same day that the application is emailed, we can begin the application process with the information we have and conclude upon receipt of the fee via regular mail.  Please make check to: Ponderosa Prop. Mgmt, and mail to: P.O. Box 251, Plains, MT 59859


Q: I have more pets than the rental indicates it will allow.  Can an exception be made for me?

A:  The number and type of pet/s allowed at our rentals reflect specific requests of the property owners.  Seldom is an exception allowed.  You may send an email request for consideration.  Requests for modifications for a service animal are available from our office.


Q: How is rent pro-rated for move in? 

A: If move in is prior to the 10th of the month, rent is pro-rated for that month.  If it is after the 10th, rent is pro-rated for the remainder of that month and we request the next month in full as well. (Example: rent is $500-/month, move in is on the 16th, rent due at move in is :$250- for the 16th-30th and $500- for the following month, total: $750-)  We do NOT make any allowances for partial payments of move in monies.  ALL monies are due and payable as agreed.


Q: I submitted my application, when and how should I expect to hear from the office?

A: We strive to process applications 48-72 hours after receipt.  Applicants are kept notified via email of progress and /or any further questions on their application.  Denial notification is sent via email and/or regular mail.


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